Protect your bed and body.

SmartSilk™ silk lined and silk filled essentials are highly effective in combatting common household allergens and improving indoor air quality. ¹

We put our products to the test to demonstrate the integrity of our materials. Two scientists from Airmid Healthgroup Ltd tested our fabrics and seams using various technology to assess allergen barrier performance, water vapor resistance, eradication of allergens, and chemical content.
These are the results.

Your bed is your safe space.

Silk Filled Comforter


Silk Lined Pillow


Silk Lined Mattress Protector


Silk Lined Pillow Protector | Set of two


Silk Lined Travel Pillow | Set of two


Silk Filled Comforter | Crib


Silk Lined Mattress Protector | Crib


Essential Crib Bundle